Having been relocated to Sioux Falls South Dakota and only in our house for a mere two weeks a rain cloud was starting to form over the house. Being a Navy family we often move and start over frequently, but Lynden being 3 ½ and Aida being almost 2 was posing to be more difficult. I needed to do something quickly to keep up the morale of the house. When the day was at its worst I decided to contract Madsen Cycles to plead with them to help me with the Commuter bike our family had been desperately saving for. From that day on a Challenge was born. Madsen cycles agreed to help me with my cause if I could come up with a challenge for the bike. Ding, the challenge to live without my Gray, wonderful, Pontiac vibe for two months. I can hear her shaking her gas can now, she my haunt my dreams… let’s go for a drive you know you want too! I am trading in my four wheels for two and toting two little ones along with me.