To be perfectly honest after last night’s film fest I am frightened. Taping in front of my husband taking a hard look at my body seemed to fade away as I realized the real challenge that lie ahead. Somehow with this challenge I have managed to roll all of the things that are difficult for me into one neat bow. Let’s just take a look at those difficulties shall we, Balance, Directions, Grammar, Computer usage, being a first time biker! I have also been clumsy and lack rhythm, so I fear that I am going to send the children crashing to the ground. Well directions, I just think that’s in a women’s DNA, I will have to find somewhere for my GPS. Grammar and computers they just go hand in hand, I hope to get better at them but struggle as you will all see.  Sioux Falls lets anyone on the road dirt bikes, four wheelers, so make some room for the inexperienced to run free.

  The tape in is just to see what will happen to my physical body in the two months of riding. Using a chart the numbers were put in.

Hips 37 inches

Waist 26 inches

Neck 11.5 inches

Out came 23 % body fat, nice to know I could still make it into the Navy if this does not pan out!

  No impact man is truly where I got the idea of a commuting bike back in ‘o9 when it came out. He was too the extreme living a green life but, the point was for people to learn what they could do and not suffer doing it. I am on a quest to find just what can are family endure and live with out.

It's not always about ourselves.It’s not always about ourselves- Aida