Goodbye car and Hello bike, there is something empowering about that. To know that you are the force behind the moving machine, no mater how wobbly you may be. After time and time around the block I seemed to get much better. The kids stopped asking me mum are you ok, practice makes perfect!

I needed to put some air in the tires and had trouble deciding how to switch the gears. On my first ride I kept having flash backs of Aida holding up an extra part, was that to be on the bike, do I need it to switch gears. At last two handles for the gears one to go in and one to go out… I am a first time biker you know! I am not truly sure what all of those nine gears do, but I am going to need every last one of them to complete this quest. As for the man at the Shell Gassation that I threw myself on, Thank you for the air.