Frazzled right now. Feels so good to be home, surrounded by four walls, The air smells sweet and good and seems to fill my lungs. The sounds of the outside world are muffled. I am on my second pair of pants with a 1 inch by 1 inch square taken out of them, I guess there is just somethings you don’t bike in, the bike is gently letting me know!

We faced the world today to do the normal stuff a trip to the park, a stop at the grocery store, and jet back home to make dinner. The wind pushed at us almost as if it were my conscience.  I was truly scared to pass over the overpass that I will have to go over nearly every day, for I feel it is too short. when the wind hounds at you it seems as if you could slip over the edge of the overpass. After that challenge there is construction off of 41st making me puzzled where to turn, kind words from the construction workers pushed me on! People seem to be in such a bubble inside their cars that they don’t care what is around them which leads me to the question is this safe? Only after making it through all that  hustle and bustle to the Natural Grocery store off 41st to read the sign posted closed till the ninth for Easter, it would have been my first time in. Aida and Lynden were being pushed to their max and the only thing that was saving me were the fond memories of the park. Off for home, no groceries, a small piece of my pants missing blown off in to the wind.

As soon as we hit the door a quick wash of hands all around and dinner prep. My dinner ideas are mirroring the bike, simple dish classics Eggs Benedict and roasted garlic potatoes.