I avoided the overpass that crosses over I 29 near my house, my mummy instincts say it is unsafe. I did ride solo today over it just to get my fix of Starbuck’s. I could not take it anymore we had been out of coffee since Monday. All attempts to get to the store were a fail, well fail no more the Hazelnut Latte was delish coupled with a newspaper and a nice spot to rest my stiff muscles.

In the afternoon my husband Chad fixed up an old Garage bike so he could take it for a ride. His car has been sitting for most of the weekend too.  It was the silent support from him and we avoid the overpass together heading in the other direction.  We went for a quick ride and picked up some lovely bread from the Bread Smith. We were all smiles as we road together and for a moment there was no phones, radio’s or computers just simply us.