Today I was beginning to wonder why I took on this challenge of getting this bike.  The brutal wind of Sioux Falls was insane and the bitter cold swept across our faces while we were riding.  Also the horrible drivers in this state don’t know when to stop or yield when you’re crossing the road.  I want to get the full benefit out of this challenge but I don’t know where to go in Sioux Falls to fulfill what I am looking for.  The biggest things that are bothering me are both the wind and the seatbelts that don’t seem to keep the kids (especially Aida) in there seat.  I feel as though I don’t have the proper clothing to be biking because every time I get on the bike my pants seem to get caught in the chain.  I saw the car today and was very tempted; Lynden asked me why we couldn’t take the car because he doesn’t understand what a challenge is.  So tonight I am sitting down with the Godiva Chocolate bunny venting.  On a happier not I did ride 2.67 miles today to go to Lowes.  We were looking at Organic plants which we found none however we were able to get the mileage in.

Please inspire me, tell me bike stories, places to see, bike products you can’t live without, pave me a successful road ahead.