We hid behind the four walls of our house today, sheltered from the rain and did some much need unpacking. The change in the weather has put a new twist on our green challenge. We will need to bare the weather tomorrow rain or shine my Aida is turning two on Saturday and some much needed party planning must go on. I must say I have never planned an event on the back of a bike before.

  The afternoon hours were filled with make believe, pirates, fishing, flying birds soaring around the house. Our class room is almost ready for some much needed lessons. Life has been truly paired down. We have been living off of a stock pile of groceries as I have not figured out how to meal plan out of the bucket yet. Also nothing is really coming in unless it is in the bucket because; I am the one who does most of the consuming. At gas prices reaching almost four dollars a gallon I am glad to be riding the green machine. I figure that I would fill up at least twice a month saving me about 80 dollars. At the least with this challenge more money is hitting the pocket. The simplicity of the whole project is bring me and my husband closer together  and  repairing broken bridges.


Some pictures to help us get through the cold days ahead: