All of this rain has got me thinking, living a simpler life are we safer? Riding bikes you mostly need two hands at all times which leaves no room for a Cell phones. On stormy days why not wait till another day to go out, so there is less chance of an unforeseen accident. I realize for most this is not an option, but for me the military pays me a big service to be able to stay home. At times it is one of my biggest challenges because of my type “A” personality.  I love to work hard, follow a schedule and the best part of a job, sit back at your desk and enjoy coffee! I am also the most alert on the road these days taking in and watching seeing how many people are out of touch with the road. Most people are on their cell phones, people pull way out there, most never look the other way to see if someone is there.

  We made it out to the world around us, in between showers today. We had our first trip to the Pomegranate Market for a normal shopping experience. I must say the bucket can hold a lot of items. Aida smelled the birthday flowers on the way home and Lynden snacked out of the bags. I had no real meal plan other than Aida’s birthday feast, which was my down fall. I kept thinking how much will fit, what happens if I get to much, will it rain and so on…I think I may need to get a basket on the front to max out my potential for the store trips.