Last night I started to become unraveled, thinking how one would truly be able to pull off a birthday party on a bike. I began to wonder if people knew how truly hard the challenge was. IS the challenge stupid, did it have any impact on the world or was this just another thing that would just fade?

I went to sleep thinking about my little Aida being two, the fact that we are all done having children. In the morning I dressed Aida in her perfectly pressed pink picnic dress, and took a look outside. Sunshine what a gift indeed, we decided that a pretty dress needed a cupcake as an accessory so we prepared to ride our longest distance yet. I gave my husband the disclaimer that he could take his truck, truly he is not part of the challenge, because of obligations with work. Chad is so brave to expose himself riding a girl’s bike that is too small for him. I also have many more miles stacked up against him so he had to work twice as hard. We headed for the streets at about 10:00 AM first stop Oh My Cupcake.


Who ever said that South Dakota was flat must have never been traveling by bike. I was tired by the time we arrived and could have taken out a good chunk of the case but I had self-control and stuck to just one lemon drop, Lynden had the root beer because we have root beer every Sunday as our tradition. Chad had a hostess looking cupcake and Aida had the chocolate coconut cake.


We raced  against the weather to have lunch and found a place to rest our legs at Grille 26. It was an odd place in that it felt more like a nursing home than a restaurant, the service was slow and we surrounded by the red hat society. Now approaching 2 o’clock we still needed to cover two plus miles before the storm. I figure when I know longer have to stand up going up the hills I will be in good shape. We made it home just in time as a was pulling the children out of the bucket the first few drops land on the black padded seats.