Mondays have become a quite day, one for reflection of the previous week. I am being to like it, wrapped up in our simple house. Blocks littered the floor today as I cooked dinner; it was like war not to step in the wrong place. There were magical places, garbage dumps, and bike trails which I found too funny. I had to turn toward the stove to hide my smiles and not interrupt the creative thinking.

Chad’s sore muscles have been repaired from our Saturday ride of 10.73 miles. I picked up another 3 miles on Sunday, a trip to the mall, a solo ride. In much need of bike wear  there I was in the dressing room bending, jumping , stretching , and the final test I think I could ride a bike in these. Let’s say that most of the pants at the Loft did not pass the test, but I am sure that my neighbor wondered just what I was doing in there.Image

Dinner turned out great and nothing spilled or crashed to the ground due to the garbage dump of blocks at my feet.


Pinapple meat meatballs and jasimine rice smiply dislish!


I can’t wait for the farmers market to open. May 1st is the big day ,which is a Tuesday at the Empire Mall near my house.