It was a brisk in your face morning. We were out before the sun came out today. Checking out of the house about 8:30 AM. A stop at Starbucks, A trip to Hyvee Organic section, and the postoffice, and then off to the mall. Picked up some more cheap sale pants that I picked up over the weekend. The bucket was a bit loaded down. This was everything at the end of the ride minus the cracker crumbs that are building in the bottom of the bucket.So Earth Day is on its way, and I have been thinking on what to do to pitch in. It looks like the zoo is on the bike trail so if the weather is in any sort of good condition the are having an Earth Day event on Saturday. There is also a story time at the Barnes and Noble on Friday at 7:30 pm, may be a bit late for us but I do have a light on my bike. At home we are turning out the lights and having popcorn and game night. Met a lot of wonderful supporters today thanks for all of your help and honks it keeps me going. 3 miles is starting to feel like nothing even the over pass is getting less steep.