I am disgusted in last night’s post. When the words ran through my head today on our ride to the Nature center for class, I was so disappointed. I don’t want to be taken for the cute girl who rides her bike, drinks coffee, and shops; I truly want to put the bike to its challenge. I did start this blog as an agreement with Madsen Cycles but it has become more to me. I want to show my children that there is a different way to do things, that it’s ok to step outside of the crowd and be your own movement. I want to teach them to speak loud for what they believe in and keep talking until enough people listen to change. Agree it is just a bike, but what you choose to do with it is up to you.

I want to show Mum’s and Dad’s that it is not that difficult to give up their cars, not always but some and show them the power of bringing home there family on bike, unloading the bucket, and stepping in to the kitchen to make dinner. If more people did it then it would truly go unnoticed just like the car. Nothing gives me sweeter smiles than hearing Lynden sing songs when the bucket gets a little rocky from uneven ground and harsh elements that the concert gets thrown.  Aida’s smiles follow me to sleep at night repairing my sore muscles. I gave birth to, I should be able to endure some pain and in turn transform myself into a healthier parent.

When I think of powerful people I turn to Oprah Winfrey, Celine Dion, and Michelle Obama. I am sure that you can relate to one of my choices. What better way to start a movement than the first lady touring around town with her family. When you break it down, she is no different than me. It should not differ from incomes, or lifestyles, it is just a choice to do something good for your family, the earth and in turn yourself. I want Michelle Obama to help me show families just how strong mother can be. I am inspired by her choice to lead others to a greener lifestyle. I am going to write to the first lady to see what her views are on biking as a family.

Here is a link to the Nature center with great free classes for children of all ages. Make learning about the earth a year round event. http://gfp.sd.gov/outdoor-learning/children-nature.aspx