My realm of thinking has changed since adding the bike to our family. I keep finding myself saying simple, simplistic, simplified…which brings me to a new point in the road what are those things, what is truly simple in our fast paced modern world. Canning, clotheslines, packing lunches, washing napkins, ironing, are just some of the things I am mulling over.

I think that in a short time I have become more and more traditional. I have no real skills with knitting, crocheting, but I can sew a simple stitch. I love modern things, but see beauty in something made by hand. How does one step back in time to see if these things really do fit into a modern world? Why have these things gone to the wayside? Now you can even get throw away hand towels for your own bathroom as if to say the one hanging in there is so…. Unclean, wash it then! Hand notes are becoming a thing of the past with so many things to write for you just like this very blog.

Where have people’s manners gone I waited at the crosswalk off of Marion by the school for 5 minutes trying to cross. People just looked, then when I inched out in desperation I was nearly hit. I was in the middle of the street waving my arms just look at me! Man in the white truck that nearly took us out I have choice words for you. Just a short trip out to the Bread Smith and Hy-Vee for some Veggie for dinner tonight. 2.69 miles I didn’t want to ride anymore today after all of that.