Saturday is always Chads day for extra Z’s, well I was just plain out of ideas for the kids this morning. Everyone into the bucket, rummage please. We cruised the streets looking for thrifty things. I had already 3 miles under my belt by 10 clock . A few treasures but nothing much. Later in the day neighbors kept telling me of this bigger than life yard sell to take place next week. Each one had the same crazed look in their eyes.The Kingswood Rummage… Hmm… sounded familiar, I think I once saw this on the travel channel some years back drooling and wanted to partake. O… my goodness I live in that very same neighborhood now! I can’ t wait and well I do think I have the upper hand with V.I.P parking. Can’t wait to tell you of all my treasures. Don’t forget Earth Day is tomorrow.