We had such a fun time yesterday rumbling with the rummage we decided to have our own today. Great scott 130 bucks for a bunch of stuff we just had lying around. I’m feeling pretty good about the appearance of the house these days, it’s all coming together. Feels good to have just what we need and nothing else. I must admit that making the money does not come without a heavy price, I am feeling some much-needed sleep. Looking forward to riding in the morning. Aida threw a tantrum today because I would not put her in the bucket. Her argument was”Oe..you mummy ride your bike, me want to go a ride.” In Aida’s words! We also flew kites between customers laugher filled the street people couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the fun we were having. Kites and South Dakota wind go hand in hand together, we need to invest in a good kite that can standup to the fury of the winds there.