My neighborhood has turned into a feast for the eyes for young and old alike. Cars line the usually quite street, spectators wander aimlessly looking to pounce on any open garge. Just as I began to take out my laptop to begin this piece, I was interrupted by two men. Speaking broken english they began giving the bike a full tune up in my driveway. I was fine with it until they started to take items out of the bucket. Soon they passed, still unsure what they we in search for, I did my best to chat with them and answer their questions on the bike.

I’m binging a bit on all this  yard saleing, the kids classroom bookshelf is filling up, baskets, and thingamabobs galore. While rummaging, I met one of my first followers in person and what else her yard sale. Giddy like a school girl she made my day, to know I was inspiring her. While we chatted her pleasantly perfect son was giving my two a lesson on riding his big boy bike. He instructed them how to properly put on a helmet. Lynden was all ears, to think he could put on his on helmet. Thank you Lynden too is inspired!

The highlight of the day Lynden had an overwhelming need to use the bathroom, scanning the trees of the neighborhood. Coolly I took a look around suburbia, trees know not right… women’s house that we bought nothing… She did offer us a place for our bike…Ding! I threw myself on her to let him use the bathroom. On the way out thought to myself should I pay?  In other countries it costs to use public restroom.

I also overheard a much pregnant women speaking to her friend about the delights of our bike, only to be shot down don’t agree? ” It’s a Mom thing” I am taking it that she means it’s unsafe.

People kept commenting how the weather was going to have a big change for the worst tomorrow, so I did some preplanning. Jane Fonda eat your heart out my inner thighs were burning as I made it to the store this afternoon. I did one of our biggest shops yet feeling that we would have to weather the storm. I am oddly excited to stay in I have a lot of things to keep me busy tomorrow. Tacked on about six miles today!