You can’t help but want to follow someone being healthy, it’s just contiontagous! War of the water is going on at my house, husband is toting his super size me water cup around. I am tring to get all that liquid in but feeling like a bowl of jelly.Snaped a picture of this the other day while cleaning the frige and was not sure what I was going to do with it. it’s my husbands soda next to our milk simlar in size I could’nt help but think if he were to drink that much milk how sick he would be. I can’t wait to see what new healthy thing is going to rub off of him and on to me, what a  great job. We all have vises for me it’s coffee and more wine please.

 Because I love numbers I had to see just how much sugar one would consume having just one a day for a year on my husbands defense when the soda topic comes up he is quick to tell me he really fills it with ice(:So let’s say 38 oz’s of that so sweet in your mouth soda and 10 oz of that got to have ice.So in just one cup there is 128 grams In one years time that is 46080 Grams or ruffly 3,657 tablespoons of sugar. Truly my beef with the magical soda is, the cup! Thats 360 cups could fill a small bathroom. But just one more number to trough out there, if you consume 3,657 tablespoons each year one  tablespoon is 45 caliores. making your caliore intake 164565 per year. I ‘m no saint either as I put a scoop in my morning coffee. I need lot of coffee to keep me warm as I went out for my last bite of rummaging. Getting lost on a bike is not something I wish to do again. Tacked on about 5 miles today. The sales and streets all seemed to blend together under the pale gray sky.