As the day winds to a close I feel a sense of relief but fear still lingers in the air. Instead of reflection of the bike today, it is more about how precious life is. Today we had a major gas leak in our simple cape cod house. The tension is still in the air and will be a rough nights sleep on my part. Work is still needed, and will continue in the morning hours. Cap’s hold back the gas from invading the house. When the gas man wise in his years is fearful, it sets the tone and strikes a chord in me. You always her those stories of people leaving for the day, kissing the cat, leaving the leftover coffee in the pot, hanging your pajamas, going out for the day, only never returning. I love my family a little bit more today.

Aida pried out the window intently as they fixed part of the meter that had broken when trying to shut it off, the real problem was lurking in the basement. I wish I could have rode my bike today it was beautiful out. Lynden is getting very good on his balance bike.