Thanks super text guy that turned me onto Endomondo. I signed up for the  National challenge to help unite 50,000 people to ride 10 million miles by August 31st. So even after my own personal challenge draws to an end, I will still be pedaling myself on in another challenge. Here is the link if you what to fire up your own pedal power. It was neat to see that 38 people from the state had joined, some days I feel like a lone ranger.

Before my own challenge I never thought twice about biker’s out on the streets. It never crossed my mind how hard they were working nor did I care. Now I am so jazzed it’s like word vomit comes over me, I yell absurd things like keep going, you got it, all the while my own cheering squad in the back Go mummy go…Go mummy go… The rush is even greater the older they are.I guess it is like when you first become a mum you are just in the club. Every pregnant woman is your friend, you have a story or tip to share with everyone. I even fit in with the biker club, you know the one with a motor. Nod’s and hand gestures fly my way, I guess they know how hard I am truly working. Anyway’s I hope to see you riding with me soon.