I am so empowered right now. The strength it takes and all the different muscle groups to power one’s own bike . Out on the open bike trail I felt like opening my arms up and letting the wind come over me. Some version of the titanic bike style, but lack of balance and ability held me back. Pure beauty out there, the road to not wear was nothing to be feared. I can’t explain the sense of power,confidence, and freedom one receives when mounting a bike and owning the open road.

I hope Lynden and Aida will remember our challenge of living car free for 60 days. I feel like a proud parent when I am out there, doing something big for them no mater how truly small it maybe. Today we have concurred, endure, and succeeded in living car free for 30 days. I wonder what is in store for us in the next 30 days

The weather forecaster was my husband turns out the weather didn’t exactly hold out til the evening. The morning started out beautiful but hit some refreshing drops on the way home.