To market, to market all I could think of is the grand opening of the farmers market. The skies were gray, the kids were loaded wearing rain jackets and ready to concur the nearly 14 mile trek. My burning legs still recovering from the day before, but we were ready. That is where this tale takes a turn for the worse. We head down the road and the thunder starts rumbling and the rain starts coming down, I decide to turn back and end up getting stuck in the oozing mud, tears are coming from the back not tears from the rain, but tears of Lynden saying push through mum we can make it to the farmers market. We get home in on piece with great disappointment, I was really excited to look at the plants, and fruits and veggies and even buy one or two or three. Once home my husband didn’t make matters any better he kept volunteering to go to places to pick up items we might need defeating the whole purpose of my challenge. After we calmed down the skies went blue and I finally decided I was going to take a chance and go back out remembering a saying “if you think positive it will be positive”. I made it back without getting drenched, however the market will have to come another day.