When the challenge is over we will be saddling up for a long car ride to the back hills. Some much-needed relaxation and time to reflect and dream up our next challenge. The car is going to feel so good  humming down the highway. Our destination is the road to nowhere, sandwiched in the middle a tiny cabin. My Dad flies in from Portland to spend my last night of the challenge with us, then stays on for two weeks.

I have been working on a wild west theme for the little ones lessons. Aida likes the idea of horses and Lynden wonders just what is a sheriffs badge? Found this from another blogger for the road trip, Lynden loves to see the different states. Funny I never even noticed it was from the dating divas til I started this post, I was scrambling to put things together during nap time. I am not much of a diva but I am all for making a stronger marriage and having fun which  they are about.

I made some clothespin horses to work on colors and counting.  Got three miles in better the weather turned ugly.