I declared it date night with the kids because papa left town for Navy business. We were out and about for a whopping four hours and the time seemed to pass just like a glass of wine, smooth and fast. We ate at Panera and then strolled over to the Pomegranate. It was National cookie day, or in other words a guilt free day to eat cookies. The kidos snacked on creme filled cookies as I zoomed onto the park. Aida painstakingly eating the filling out of the mint filled Newman’s cookie. I dusted off the crumbs and popped each one out of the bucket, smiles beaming so bright. We played until you could start to see the sun getting heavy-eyed itself. Off for home Aida reciting the whole ABC song while yelling at her brother don’t sing that as he would try to chime in with her. Such a big girl who wants to take on everything by herself. Oh the hill is so big coming home it takes my breath away. Heart pounding excerise, and the lack of oxgyen causes you to leave your mouth open making  new problems, bugs fly in. Put on another 4.5 miles and a smile.