I was a little fearful of the overpasses today due to my sheer size, so I stuck to the streets today. The wind did feel amazing sweeping across my face. Counting down the days til glory day, only 18 left. I feel strange about the whole matter, part of me is sad and the other part is relieved. After this week with the kids full-time, teaching, and all of the duties of the house I am just tapped. Chad will be home tomorrow evening but I did have a low this week as I brushed up against the car and thought no one would know you took the car out! So instead I made all the things we like to eat, gave myself a makeover, and ate a lot of chocolate and had the imported two buck chuck. Oh how I do miss my Trader Joes. I just did not have a lot of energy left to devote to the bike.


Turkey Burger delish made on the grill while the kids watered each other instead of the plants. Lynden commented on the oddness of the meal name and said Turkey burgers huh that’s a funny name. Yum!