Such a bitter-sweet day Aida and I have stopped nursing, tonight was our last session. Aida agreed to the proposal but subject to change at tomorrow’s bed time. Sweet girl I lingered in her room well after she was sleep thinking of the moments when she was small.The kids are made up of all our best qualities, all rolled into one. The simple times of a child to be excited when you receive a dollar, to be tickled pink for a bowl of strawberry ice cream. Now a dollar what is that it? Ice cream, cookies, and cake now you are talking.

I’m exhausted and want the car. It would be one thing if I didn’t have a car, but it’s like a dieter with a cupboard full of chocolate bars. You just want to consume what you have lying around. I am going to need the help of my husband to help pull me through this challenge. I hate to do this to you husband, but bring my old chick bike out of retirement and ride with us.