Doing this challenge has had a lot of ups and downs along the road. I am really more down as the day’s drag on. I really want to have a final ride for the experiences we have overcome. I am getting down on where to do it and time is rapidly spiraling by. My father will be here from Portland and I want to show him the difference we have made. He is the farthest from being a green person and is always poking fun at me for my lifestyle choices.You know the kind that have that mind-set and nothing you say will ever enter in to that thick exterior. I would love to ride in a mass of people to bring light that people care, people can make a difference, and we can all stand to change something in our lives. The good moments of the day…



Somehow I forgot we were on bike, but it all managed to fit even Lynden’s sucker.


Primo parking amongst  the flowers.



All in a day’s ride.