The truth is often hard to stomach so it easier to push it off to another day. I am going to do the Sioux Falls Bike Trail ride starting at Yankton trail. I often feel puzzled on which way to go out there, kind of like a bad rendision of the Little red riding hood. I seem to stumble my way across the vast open trail clinging to the occasional passer. I hope to have someone there to be a trail guide but if I must I will do it alone, well except those pint size people in the back.

I heard something today that set the bike trail into action. I feel as if I have been dragging my heels not wanting to go out on my challenge on a bad note. People often speak what their goals are with the world but often this triggers the brain as if I have all ready done it, no need to move on with it. I think there could be some grain of truth to that. So instead they suggested to tell only what you have done.

Aida and I cycled to the Pomegranate on a girls night out. So cute, Lynden always rides with us so it was fun to see Aida take up the seat. She sang and talked to her little pink doll. We brought back the loot and made a tasty dessert for all. Four quick miles and my pedometer is back to working lovely.




This was so simple we made it just in time to scoop up the last Great Harvest pound cake muffins. Put a little sugar, vanilla, and delish fresh cream in a glass bottle. Mix it all up with a blinder stick and serve.