Positives of biking:

I like the fun we have being so close in one space. Over hearing the little ones talking about issues important to them brings a smile every time.  Seeing and being able to point things out, having a car like feel but in the open air. I have saved more money being more mindful of what I need and where I will get it. I am now mostly shopping out of a four mile radius. I also like that it forces exercise upon you there is only one way back home and that’s your petal power. I feel good when I’m mounted up there on my seat.

Cons of biking:

I am not crazy about the kids seat belts using them day in and day out, I have lots of knots to keep them in place, saw an old post on the Madsen bike and thought can we bring those back. I wonder sometimes passing on the overpass it they would truly keep them in their seats.

Time, time, time, on days where it is just me being the solo parent it is a bit overwhelming biking, cooking, cleaning, and teaching.

Truly there are needs for cars and being able to see all of the wonders around you make for a happy balanced life. I have become so mindful of being a defensive driver and will resist the urge to talk on my cell phone while driving. I am a fair weather biker and plan to stick with it till the weather turns just too cold. I hope to do more trips to see my husband and keep up some trips to the store for groceries. I plan to use the bike more than the car bringing it out for more of a treat to myself for the hard work I am doing.

Still getting revved up to ride the full bike trail in search of a guide meet me at 8:30AM at Yankton trail ride babe ride.