The perfect riders for the perfect day, I was armed with two skilled riders and a small mountain of children to hit the trail. I would like to think that there were many people out there riding for our cause today. The late night of wondering how the day would turnout and how the weather would hold was not needed.

The world is so big and so beautiful even in your own back yard if you take notice. The simple pleasures of being able to take yourself from point A to point B. In total from yesterday and todays ride I locked in at 29 miles the most so far. The bike trail did have its own set of issues but with trained bikers of the Sioux Falls terrain I hardly noticed. Living on the dangerous side we were faced with crossing a train trestle, but the bike thought small and covered it, kid free.


Us before our big day’s ride.





The turtle we found laying some eggs.


My husband biking me home from lunch in the bucket as my legs were sore. Funny for better or worse. It was a view of the bike I have never had before.


One more morning to go of being car free.