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I have been taking some time to reflect over the miles covered in the past months and where to move forward. In a small town called Wall I ran across four biker’s with dirt on their faces and saddle bags weighed down, they had literally been hitting the dusty trail. It somewhat peaked my interest on the whole matter of biking. I overheard them taking about how they ate 50 miles for breakfast. There is something energizing about riding in a pack for distances at a time.


Back in my town I’m calling home Sioux Falls, I have been considering the food we have been eating and the high prices for the term “organic” which we consume. On the long stretch of road from the Black Hills to our homestead the radio tuned in and out, I caught just enough of it to hear Meat Glue and wondered what is that? Turns out they take bad, small pieces of meat and push it together with some toxic glue and mark Premium meat on it. Great, I even think that some of the organic products we buy may not be with the best guidelines but who is to say. Often when the fruit sticker reads Mexico I am a little skeptical, but I buy in good faith. Over the next weeks I am going to be diving into our food supply.


Just why is there over two hundred billboard signs for this small town. A sign for every need, want, or desire. Coffee, Free water, cheap gold, if only they had the answers for life’s hard questions up there.



We head for the hills west, on the drive I couldn’t help but think of the settlers before us. Stopped in a tiny town of 284 for lunch opened the hatch and out flew the lunch. Town was complete with one slide, some horse shoes as big as Aida’s body and yes a white picnic table for lunch.

The cabin is just out of keystone called the crossroads cabins, pure bliss tasteful style, the smell of pine seeps from the walls and silence takes hold of you. 20120604-212342.jpg



The perfect riders for the perfect day, I was armed with two skilled riders and a small mountain of children to hit the trail. I would like to think that there were many people out there riding for our cause today. The late night of wondering how the day would turnout and how the weather would hold was not needed.

The world is so big and so beautiful even in your own back yard if you take notice. The simple pleasures of being able to take yourself from point A to point B. In total from yesterday and todays ride I locked in at 29 miles the most so far. The bike trail did have its own set of issues but with trained bikers of the Sioux Falls terrain I hardly noticed. Living on the dangerous side we were faced with crossing a train trestle, but the bike thought small and covered it, kid free.


Us before our big day’s ride.





The turtle we found laying some eggs.


My husband biking me home from lunch in the bucket as my legs were sore. Funny for better or worse. It was a view of the bike I have never had before.


One more morning to go of being car free.

Well here we are at the end of the road where things must end and new things must begin. The house is sparkling awaiting our guest to arrive AKA my father! We did our best to pull the house together after being in it for about two and a half months. So many things have come and gone along our bike journey, Aida and I had a birthday, we stopped nursing, and settled into our home.

We will be taking our guest to the Cracker Barrel for dinner, a must see for someone new to town. The weather is good no dreaded rain away we will go on bike.

The last of our challenge will be the 20 plus miles on the bike trial at Yankton trail park, time 8:30 AM. Bring the family and show Sioux Falls what true bikers we are. My neighbor is the perfect example of both beauty and sheer force behind a bike which will be sporting the trail with me. She is hard, fast, and furious and then there is me simple, slow but moving.

Positives of biking:

I like the fun we have being so close in one space. Over hearing the little ones talking about issues important to them brings a smile every time.  Seeing and being able to point things out, having a car like feel but in the open air. I have saved more money being more mindful of what I need and where I will get it. I am now mostly shopping out of a four mile radius. I also like that it forces exercise upon you there is only one way back home and that’s your petal power. I feel good when I’m mounted up there on my seat.

Cons of biking:

I am not crazy about the kids seat belts using them day in and day out, I have lots of knots to keep them in place, saw an old post on the Madsen bike and thought can we bring those back. I wonder sometimes passing on the overpass it they would truly keep them in their seats.

Time, time, time, on days where it is just me being the solo parent it is a bit overwhelming biking, cooking, cleaning, and teaching.

Truly there are needs for cars and being able to see all of the wonders around you make for a happy balanced life. I have become so mindful of being a defensive driver and will resist the urge to talk on my cell phone while driving. I am a fair weather biker and plan to stick with it till the weather turns just too cold. I hope to do more trips to see my husband and keep up some trips to the store for groceries. I plan to use the bike more than the car bringing it out for more of a treat to myself for the hard work I am doing.

Still getting revved up to ride the full bike trail in search of a guide meet me at 8:30AM at Yankton trail ride babe ride.

Lynden is all over making sure the bike stays in good health. Just a little bit more air and we are all set. a few more days to go. I have been thinking on things that I would like to take from this challenge and embed them into my everyday life, so tomorrows post will be just that.


The birthday day started out in such a particular way forgot to put the lid on the coffee pot making the filter load down with water but a strong cup in my hand. Moving on from there was the poop on the hot wheels and now look, it was on my finger. I praised Aida just moments before about finally making the poop go in the toilet, yes the last step we are here. Well she just didn’t hang around long enough. She does see something wrong with poop on the rug and even worse the prize Hot Wheels.

The rest of the afternoon hours were quite and peaceful. Saddled up for a ride to meet the husband for dinner.Sushi not a fond choice of Chads but tasty, savory, dish for me. We ate at Tokyo Sushi were they made the pints a pair of easy chopsticks for their culinary experience.



Lynden snapped this one himself. Mummy the apple of his eye.


I love Sioux Falls for its underground Organic just good people trying to do good things.  Stopped by Olive destination and was in heaven with all of the dreamy choices. It is a tasting store so you can si the oil and try blending things. Wrapped it up in this perfect present for me and tossed it in the bucket. Road four miles more today.

The truth is often hard to stomach so it easier to push it off to another day. I am going to do the Sioux Falls Bike Trail ride starting at Yankton trail. I often feel puzzled on which way to go out there, kind of like a bad rendision of the Little red riding hood. I seem to stumble my way across the vast open trail clinging to the occasional passer. I hope to have someone there to be a trail guide but if I must I will do it alone, well except those pint size people in the back.

I heard something today that set the bike trail into action. I feel as if I have been dragging my heels not wanting to go out on my challenge on a bad note. People often speak what their goals are with the world but often this triggers the brain as if I have all ready done it, no need to move on with it. I think there could be some grain of truth to that. So instead they suggested to tell only what you have done.

Aida and I cycled to the Pomegranate on a girls night out. So cute, Lynden always rides with us so it was fun to see Aida take up the seat. She sang and talked to her little pink doll. We brought back the loot and made a tasty dessert for all. Four quick miles and my pedometer is back to working lovely.




This was so simple we made it just in time to scoop up the last Great Harvest pound cake muffins. Put a little sugar, vanilla, and delish fresh cream in a glass bottle. Mix it all up with a blinder stick and serve.

The bike was a quick fix for my skilled husband who also did some tech support of my sigma pedometer. The method of choice a screw from the water bottle holder, no trip needed to the bike shop, had the right tool amongst the still unpacked boxes still in my garage.

Our Aida was not feeling her best today so when she requested ” I ride on your bike Mummy” I obliged her the fresh air would do her good. Then she turned to papa “you ride your blue bike” AKA the Chic bike! How could one turn that flush cheeked, blue-eyed girl down. It has been some time since he has tooled around town with us. O on the way home from our family ride Chad powered the kids home on the bike. while I trying to ride this super small, scanty little bicycle with bad gears home. I thought to myself yard sale just make it home, point well taken honey. In my few days left of my existing 20’s I’m finding biking sexy must be a 30’s something. As my husband strolled along, me painstakingly trying to make the chic bike go I looked up and caught a glimpse of him. A perspective I never really see the kids all self-contained, a moving family on wheels.


We road like the wind today making it to our local Starbucks, ticking in at a total time of five minutes. However, we arrived with a little less of the bike, out popped a screw holding the finder on. I joked with the kido’s that it was because we road so fast. I instructed Lynden not to worry we would just ring Mr.Madsen, his response was O.. no I don’t want him to take our bike back! I am not so sure what the extra usage in Starbucks is, but think it lies in the fact that we can travel anywhere for no apparent purpose.

Madsen Cycles is sending a new screw for the dream machine and in the mean time loaded me with lots of tips on how to fix it till then.





So many to pick from which one will it be?