My Aida working on a book I made for her. The rain fell outside today around our lovely Cape Cod. Inside we were happy as clams, I got over my feelings of being blue about homeschooling. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough or if what I am doing is truly making a impact on there little minds. But as I cycled the other day and a biker passed by I thought there will always be someone better than you and that’s just ok with me.






We road into the wind today at an angle to keep us going straight on our course. The wind was blowing to the side and made the bike want to go anywhere but on the sidewalk. With rain rain on the way we enjoyed the warm wind anyways. You can never just shop at one store even on bike for your edible delites so we coasted down to the Pomegranate.

We are loving that summer is on its way… here are the things we enjoyed today. Road four windy miles.


fresh fruit with dinner the little one’s love to help themselves and share.


The first flower from my yard so elegant and simple all in white.

Doing this challenge has had a lot of ups and downs along the road. I am really more down as the day’s drag on. I really want to have a final ride for the experiences we have overcome. I am getting down on where to do it and time is rapidly spiraling by. My father will be here from Portland and I want to show him the difference we have made. He is the farthest from being a green person and is always poking fun at me for my lifestyle choices.You know the kind that have that mind-set and nothing you say will ever enter in to that thick exterior. I would love to ride in a mass of people to bring light that people care, people can make a difference, and we can all stand to change something in our lives. The good moments of the day…



Somehow I forgot we were on bike, but it all managed to fit even Lynden’s sucker.


Primo parking amongst  the flowers.



All in a day’s ride.

Such a bitter-sweet day Aida and I have stopped nursing, tonight was our last session. Aida agreed to the proposal but subject to change at tomorrow’s bed time. Sweet girl I lingered in her room well after she was sleep thinking of the moments when she was small.The kids are made up of all our best qualities, all rolled into one. The simple times of a child to be excited when you receive a dollar, to be tickled pink for a bowl of strawberry ice cream. Now a dollar what is that it? Ice cream, cookies, and cake now you are talking.

I’m exhausted and want the car. It would be one thing if I didn’t have a car, but it’s like a dieter with a cupboard full of chocolate bars. You just want to consume what you have lying around. I am going to need the help of my husband to help pull me through this challenge. I hate to do this to you husband, but bring my old chick bike out of retirement and ride with us.


I was my bikes own mechanic today. Found this hidden in the gear, shaded by the bucket. I had been having some troubling gear changes in the past week and in the light of the sun a small red flag peered out. It was a great day to ride, everything is looking so fresh out.



I was a little fearful of the overpasses today due to my sheer size, so I stuck to the streets today. The wind did feel amazing sweeping across my face. Counting down the days til glory day, only 18 left. I feel strange about the whole matter, part of me is sad and the other part is relieved. After this week with the kids full-time, teaching, and all of the duties of the house I am just tapped. Chad will be home tomorrow evening but I did have a low this week as I brushed up against the car and thought no one would know you took the car out! So instead I made all the things we like to eat, gave myself a makeover, and ate a lot of chocolate and had the imported two buck chuck. Oh how I do miss my Trader Joes. I just did not have a lot of energy left to devote to the bike.


Turkey Burger delish made on the grill while the kids watered each other instead of the plants. Lynden commented on the oddness of the meal name and said Turkey burgers huh that’s a funny name. Yum!

I declared it date night with the kids because papa left town for Navy business. We were out and about for a whopping four hours and the time seemed to pass just like a glass of wine, smooth and fast. We ate at Panera and then strolled over to the Pomegranate. It was National cookie day, or in other words a guilt free day to eat cookies. The kidos snacked on creme filled cookies as I zoomed onto the park. Aida painstakingly eating the filling out of the mint filled Newman’s cookie. I dusted off the crumbs and popped each one out of the bucket, smiles beaming so bright. We played until you could start to see the sun getting heavy-eyed itself. Off for home Aida reciting the whole ABC song while yelling at her brother don’t sing that as he would try to chime in with her. Such a big girl who wants to take on everything by herself. Oh the hill is so big coming home it takes my breath away. Heart pounding excerise, and the lack of oxgyen causes you to leave your mouth open making  new problems, bugs fly in. Put on another 4.5 miles and a smile.




Get up and ride with me, I am putting together a family ride for Sunday the 3rd of June the last full day of my challenge. I am taking on the full bike  trail Starting at Yankton Trail. Pedal along side of me for as much as you can dare, or the little ones can handle. Pack a picnic and bask in the sweet victory of finishing. I plan to start my ride at 8:30 AM. The more people who come, means the louder my voice was heard on the importance of family commuting. please tell everyone you know to ride with you.

Looking at the bike trail map seems to be some troubled areas and other ideas on where to do my final ride?

Happy mothers day to all my biking mum’s. I had a blissful day with my family. My gift was a burst of color to the yard plants galore. Then a trip to the milky way for some ice cream.







Love it when the day go’s just how you planned.

Sigma had wonder just how many miles had been going onto their pedometer and it got me wondering too. On average I do about 15 miles a week , so in a month I have gone about 60 miles. Today I desperately wanted to attend the Falls park farmers market so I set to the bike trial and landed myself 10 miles there rounding out the trip at 20 miles. It was a trek and not something I could do every week but it felt good to put on some real miles. Lets just say the that in total so far I have covered 120 miles of road, dirt, puddles, and gravel.

The only photo I snapped all day, it was just to beautiful to pull over so I took it will rolling on.