The bike was a quick fix for my skilled husband who also did some tech support of my sigma pedometer. The method of choice a screw from the water bottle holder, no trip needed to the bike shop, had the right tool amongst the still unpacked boxes still in my garage.

Our Aida was not feeling her best today so when she requested ” I ride on your bike Mummy” I obliged her the fresh air would do her good. Then she turned to papa “you ride your blue bike” AKA the Chic bike! How could one turn that flush cheeked, blue-eyed girl down. It has been some time since he has tooled around town with us. O on the way home from our family ride Chad powered the kids home on the bike. while I trying to ride this super small, scanty little bicycle with bad gears home. I thought to myself yard sale just make it home, point well taken honey. In my few days left of my existing 20’s I’m finding biking sexy must be a 30’s something. As my husband strolled along, me painstakingly trying to make the chic bike go I looked up and caught a glimpse of him. A perspective I never really see the kids all self-contained, a moving family on wheels.