The birthday day started out in such a particular way forgot to put the lid on the coffee pot making the filter load down with water but a strong cup in my hand. Moving on from there was the poop on the hot wheels and now look, it was on my finger. I praised Aida just moments before about finally making the poop go in the toilet, yes the last step we are here. Well she just didn’t hang around long enough. She does see something wrong with poop on the rug and even worse the prize Hot Wheels.

The rest of the afternoon hours were quite and peaceful. Saddled up for a ride to meet the husband for dinner.Sushi not a fond choice of Chads but tasty, savory, dish for me. We ate at Tokyo Sushi were they made the pints a pair of easy chopsticks for their culinary experience.



Lynden snapped this one himself. Mummy the apple of his eye.


I love Sioux Falls for its underground Organic just good people trying to do good things.  Stopped by Olive destination and was in heaven with all of the dreamy choices. It is a tasting store so you can si the oil and try blending things. Wrapped it up in this perfect present for me and tossed it in the bucket. Road four miles more today.