I have been taking some time to reflect over the miles covered in the past months and where to move forward. In a small town called Wall I ran across four biker’s with dirt on their faces and saddle bags weighed down, they had literally been hitting the dusty trail. It somewhat peaked my interest on the whole matter of biking. I overheard them taking about how they ate 50 miles for breakfast. There is something energizing about riding in a pack for distances at a time.


Back in my town I’m calling home Sioux Falls, I have been considering the food we have been eating and the high prices for the term “organic” which we consume. On the long stretch of road from the Black Hills to our homestead the radio tuned in and out, I caught just enough of it to hear Meat Glue and wondered what is that? Turns out they take bad, small pieces of meat and push it together with some toxic glue and mark Premium meat on it. Great, I even think that some of the organic products we buy may not be with the best guidelines but who is to say. Often when the fruit sticker reads Mexico I am a little skeptical, but I buy in good faith. Over the next weeks I am going to be diving into our food supply.


Just why is there over two hundred billboard signs for this small town. A sign for every need, want, or desire. Coffee, Free water, cheap gold, if only they had the answers for life’s hard questions up there.