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Lynden is all over making sure the bike stays in good health. Just a little bit more air and we are all set. a few more days to go. I have been thinking on things that I would like to take from this challenge and embed them into my everyday life, so tomorrows post will be just that.



We road like the wind today making it to our local Starbucks, ticking in at a total time of five minutes. However, we arrived with a little less of the bike, out popped a screw holding the finder on. I joked with the kido’s that it was because we road so fast. I instructed Lynden not to worry we would just ring Mr.Madsen, his response was O.. no I don’t want him to take our bike back! I am not so sure what the extra usage in Starbucks is, but think it lies in the fact that we can travel anywhere for no apparent purpose.

Madsen Cycles is sending a new screw for the dream machine and in the mean time loaded me with lots of tips on how to fix it till then.





So many to pick from which one will it be?

We road into the wind today at an angle to keep us going straight on our course. The wind was blowing to the side and made the bike want to go anywhere but on the sidewalk. With rain rain on the way we enjoyed the warm wind anyways. You can never just shop at one store even on bike for your edible delites so we coasted down to the Pomegranate.

We are loving that summer is on its way… here are the things we enjoyed today. Road four windy miles.


fresh fruit with dinner the little one’s love to help themselves and share.


The first flower from my yard so elegant and simple all in white.

Well I am nearing to the end of my challenge with 36 days behind us. I have seen all kinds of things out their on the road and yelled some things no Mum should yell. Today I was shocked as I waited to be seen by a near by van, the driver and the passenger were both on their cell phones, tuned out to the world, just who was driving that moving vehicle. My solution to being seen was invented after a much-needed Starbucks, I need to decorate this thing. This was a great, idea even better, I would need to consume all the wine is crate first before attaching it to the bike.

Madsen Bikes in order for me not to get ran over by a double talking van I think I need to make myself bigger to stand out I’ll take one front basket please and an air horn if you have one.

Rain drops keep falling out of the pale gray sky. Sounds of cars are muffled by the interior of the house. My car has been parked for 16 days now and part of me misses it and the other is enjoying the whole simplistic life. Found this bike today for about the same price as the Madsen, the only thing I am invesus of is the cover. I like the fact that I can haul things of all sizes and use it solo. Great idea though.

Today’s project was making the earth out of play dough. I asked Lynden what the earth was made up of because this was a previous lesson for us. He report Air…yes Water… Yes O my teaching is working GARBAGE… O no… Here are some pictures of their lovely earths.