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We road like the wind today making it to our local Starbucks, ticking in at a total time of five minutes. However, we arrived with a little less of the bike, out popped a screw holding the finder on. I joked with the kido’s that it was because we road so fast. I instructed Lynden not to worry we would just ring Mr.Madsen, his response was O.. no I don’t want him to take our bike back! I am not so sure what the extra usage in Starbucks is, but think it lies in the fact that we can travel anywhere for no apparent purpose.

Madsen Cycles is sending a new screw for the dream machine and in the mean time loaded me with lots of tips on how to fix it till then.





So many to pick from which one will it be?


My Aida working on a book I made for her. The rain fell outside today around our lovely Cape Cod. Inside we were happy as clams, I got over my feelings of being blue about homeschooling. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough or if what I am doing is truly making a impact on there little minds. But as I cycled the other day and a biker passed by I thought there will always be someone better than you and that’s just ok with me.





Happy mothers day to all my biking mum’s. I had a blissful day with my family. My gift was a burst of color to the yard plants galore. Then a trip to the milky way for some ice cream.







Love it when the day go’s just how you planned.

A trip to the post office has never scared me before until now. Lynden and Aida maned the package as I tulled down the road. A gift for a dear old friend that new before I became the pleasantly green chic mum I am now.

All was well and they were empowered to have such a grownup job. Banana bread filled the air of the house in the afternoon hours. Sweet success I am really getting along with just being here in our space.
Dined with the butterflies in the evening hours. A sun filled deck, wine, and butterflies fluttering about the backyard simply prefect.


Today I was able to ride three miles in the gorgeous weather that we had


Market day is becoming bad weather day, but I finally made it for the first time this year. The empire market is quaint and small but I am hoping for it to yielded more in the summer months. With the deepest black skies overhead the flowers popped with color. Dreaming of a lush garden with all kinds of eating Delites I started to fill my bucket with plants from a local vendor.

A cookie and we were off, the wind whisper the sweetest smells at all of the stoplights, mint and basil lingered long after I was gone. From farm, to home, then the good earth of my backyard.


To round out a chilly out in the garden spring day a nice bowl of cream of mushroom with parmesan crustiness


I am so empowered right now. The strength it takes and all the different muscle groups to power one’s own bike . Out on the open bike trail I felt like opening my arms up and letting the wind come over me. Some version of the titanic bike style, but lack of balance and ability held me back. Pure beauty out there, the road to not wear was nothing to be feared. I can’t explain the sense of power,confidence, and freedom one receives when mounting a bike and owning the open road.

I hope Lynden and Aida will remember our challenge of living car free for 60 days. I feel like a proud parent when I am out there, doing something big for them no mater how truly small it maybe. Today we have concurred, endure, and succeeded in living car free for 30 days. I wonder what is in store for us in the next 30 days

The weather forecaster was my husband turns out the weather didn’t exactly hold out til the evening. The morning started out beautiful but hit some refreshing drops on the way home.

Warm days like these its nice to have friends like Badger sunscreen.  A little here, a little there, and boom we are out the door. Badger sponsored us a lot of sun screen to make our goal happen. I can’t wait to hit the bike trial weather looks like it is going to hold until evening for thunderstorms. This will be my first time on the bike trial the road to nowhere. I have no idea where it goes but feel it is time to get my feet wet. I hope to see a lot of free spirited bikers out tomorrow.

I can say that I have virtually replaced the car in every aspect. The busy day caught up with Aida and to my surprise she was sleeping in the bucket when we pulled in the drive. Her little hand was crimped to the side of the bucket. It was a great day to be out and about on a bike. Started the morning with a ride to the Callie Library for the last preschool story time for the summer.  Jetted to the Pomegranate market for lunch and then off to home. Tacked in 5 miles today.

Thanks super text guy that turned me onto Endomondo. I signed up for the  National challenge to help unite 50,000 people to ride 10 million miles by August 31st. So even after my own personal challenge draws to an end, I will still be pedaling myself on in another challenge. Here is the link if you what to fire up your own pedal power. It was neat to see that 38 people from the state had joined, some days I feel like a lone ranger.

Before my own challenge I never thought twice about biker’s out on the streets. It never crossed my mind how hard they were working nor did I care. Now I am so jazzed it’s like word vomit comes over me, I yell absurd things like keep going, you got it, all the while my own cheering squad in the back Go mummy go…Go mummy go… The rush is even greater the older they are.I guess it is like when you first become a mum you are just in the club. Every pregnant woman is your friend, you have a story or tip to share with everyone. I even fit in with the biker club, you know the one with a motor. Nod’s and hand gestures fly my way, I guess they know how hard I am truly working. Anyway’s I hope to see you riding with me soon.

As the day winds to a close I feel a sense of relief but fear still lingers in the air. Instead of reflection of the bike today, it is more about how precious life is. Today we had a major gas leak in our simple cape cod house. The tension is still in the air and will be a rough nights sleep on my part. Work is still needed, and will continue in the morning hours. Cap’s hold back the gas from invading the house. When the gas man wise in his years is fearful, it sets the tone and strikes a chord in me. You always her those stories of people leaving for the day, kissing the cat, leaving the leftover coffee in the pot, hanging your pajamas, going out for the day, only never returning. I love my family a little bit more today.

Aida pried out the window intently as they fixed part of the meter that had broken when trying to shut it off, the real problem was lurking in the basement. I wish I could have rode my bike today it was beautiful out. Lynden is getting very good on his balance bike.