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The truth is often hard to stomach so it easier to push it off to another day. I am going to do the Sioux Falls Bike Trail ride starting at Yankton trail. I often feel puzzled on which way to go out there, kind of like a bad rendision of the Little red riding hood. I seem to stumble my way across the vast open trail clinging to the occasional passer. I hope to have someone there to be a trail guide but if I must I will do it alone, well except those pint size people in the back.

I heard something today that set the bike trail into action. I feel as if I have been dragging my heels not wanting to go out on my challenge on a bad note. People often speak what their goals are with the world but often this triggers the brain as if I have all ready done it, no need to move on with it. I think there could be some grain of truth to that. So instead they suggested to tell only what you have done.

Aida and I cycled to the Pomegranate on a girls night out. So cute, Lynden always rides with us so it was fun to see Aida take up the seat. She sang and talked to her little pink doll. We brought back the loot and made a tasty dessert for all. Four quick miles and my pedometer is back to working lovely.




This was so simple we made it just in time to scoop up the last Great Harvest pound cake muffins. Put a little sugar, vanilla, and delish fresh cream in a glass bottle. Mix it all up with a blinder stick and serve.


I was a little fearful of the overpasses today due to my sheer size, so I stuck to the streets today. The wind did feel amazing sweeping across my face. Counting down the days til glory day, only 18 left. I feel strange about the whole matter, part of me is sad and the other part is relieved. After this week with the kids full-time, teaching, and all of the duties of the house I am just tapped. Chad will be home tomorrow evening but I did have a low this week as I brushed up against the car and thought no one would know you took the car out! So instead I made all the things we like to eat, gave myself a makeover, and ate a lot of chocolate and had the imported two buck chuck. Oh how I do miss my Trader Joes. I just did not have a lot of energy left to devote to the bike.


Turkey Burger delish made on the grill while the kids watered each other instead of the plants. Lynden commented on the oddness of the meal name and said Turkey burgers huh that’s a funny name. Yum!

As the day winds to a close I feel a sense of relief but fear still lingers in the air. Instead of reflection of the bike today, it is more about how precious life is. Today we had a major gas leak in our simple cape cod house. The tension is still in the air and will be a rough nights sleep on my part. Work is still needed, and will continue in the morning hours. Cap’s hold back the gas from invading the house. When the gas man wise in his years is fearful, it sets the tone and strikes a chord in me. You always her those stories of people leaving for the day, kissing the cat, leaving the leftover coffee in the pot, hanging your pajamas, going out for the day, only never returning. I love my family a little bit more today.

Aida pried out the window intently as they fixed part of the meter that had broken when trying to shut it off, the real problem was lurking in the basement. I wish I could have rode my bike today it was beautiful out. Lynden is getting very good on his balance bike.

Rain drops keep falling out of the pale gray sky. Sounds of cars are muffled by the interior of the house. My car has been parked for 16 days now and part of me misses it and the other is enjoying the whole simplistic life. Found this bike today for about the same price as the Madsen, the only thing I am invesus of is the cover. I like the fact that I can haul things of all sizes and use it solo. Great idea though.

Today’s project was making the earth out of play dough. I asked Lynden what the earth was made up of because this was a previous lesson for us. He report Air…yes Water… Yes O my teaching is working GARBAGE… O no… Here are some pictures of their lovely earths.